Arvin - Your AI Content Genera

The Ultimate browser extension powered by GPT-4.


Work smarter, not harder
* Answer to any questions : Quick access to ChatGPT from any website, get ready-to-use answers from all your knowledge and quit manual organization for good.
* Make writer's block a thing of the past: Generate high-converting copy with just a few clicks, leverage AI to write your content and copy in minutes.
* Learn more in less time: Access our YouTube Summarizer, Blog/Article Summarizer, and Web Page Summarizer to extract valuable insights quickly and efficiently.
* Master your AI community skill: Use 1000+ Prompt library in 40+ categories to supercharge your workflow.
* Effortless Access and Multitasking: Embrace seamless multitasking with our easy access sidebar feature, enabling enhanced productivity as you navigate the web.
* Chat with PDF: Your PDF AI - like ChatGPT but for PDFs. Summarize and answer questions for free.
* Text Processing Made Simple: Instantly process selected text with just one click! Translate, explain, summarize, or input your custom prompt to effortlessly handle any text you highlight on any webpage.
* One-Click GPT-4 Access: Seamlessly compatible with all websites, integrating the brilliance of GPT-4 AI into your browser.